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PL series Aluminum fin heater


-Frequency conversion                                                                                   For PL20E/PL22E electronic model only:

-Auto power adjustment 0-2200W                                                                   -Static induction touch control with remote controller

-X shape aluminum fin heating element                                                            -WIFI smart control APP

-Auto thermostat control on and off                                                                 -Manual and auto heating conrol mode

-Over-heating protection                                                                                 -7 days timer on and off settable, 8 time point

-Tip- over switch                                                                                            -Independent main power switch

-Aluminum body,lightweight, corrosion-resistant, no ruse, heating fast                 -Child lock button

-Baseboard heater for easy placement, save space                                             -Anion (negative ion)optional

-Free standing or wall-mounted optional

Technical parameters: 

Specification PL20E PL20M PL22E PL22M
Voltage 220V/50Hz/60Hz 220V/50Hz/60Hz 220V/50Hz/60Hz 220V/50Hz/60Hz
Power input 2000W 2000W 2200W 2200W
Power switch Auto 600W/1400W/2000W Auto 700W/1500W/2200W
control Intelligent inverter Mechanical Intelligent inverter Mechanical
Installation Floorstand and wall-mounted
Heating element x shape top aluminum fin
Timer Yes No Yes No
Material Alumiinium alloy
Applicable are 16-20㎡
Colour White
Weight 8.0/10.0kg
Product size 1410(L)*113(W)*258(H)
Packing size 1478(L)*170(W)*322(H)
Loading quantity(20/40GP/40HQ) 325/728/784

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